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April 22, 2015
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I help business owners build their brand through the stories they share. Your business reputation and image depend on the stories you and those who know you share. Your message--the words you use, the service and products you provide and the designs you use--all contribute to the story you tell. That story builds your brand and an audience that knows, likes and trusts you. When your audience feels comfortable working with you, they are more likely to do business with you.

Meet the Organizers

Andrew Fry droid16@twitter.com

I am an entrepreneur and Assistant Director of Industry Partnerships at the Institute of Technology in Tacoma.

Barbara Bartolatz-Littrell @BBL

Tacoma Girl who loves this great city and is excited about where we are going.
University of Washington Tacoma

Dave Robbs

Joel Larson @joel413

I am the Assistant Director of Operations for the Institute of Technology at the University of Washington Tacoma.
University of Washington Tacoma

Kala Dralle @kala_dralle

My background is in marketing, retail and program development. I spend my days assisting small businesses in T-town to start, grow and be sustainable.
The City of Tacoma

Sherry Hopson golocaltacoma

I am a local business owner (2 businesses in fact!) If something has anything to do with Small Businesses, Connections or the web - That is my passion!

Go Local Tacoma

Past Organizers
Jessica Otaguro @jessotaguro
Joseph Franco @jomarfranco
Phillip Potter @vibeuwt

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Past Presenters

Turnover Intelligence LLC


Turnover Intelligence is a people analytics and services firm. We offer 
new insight for executives to workforce geography effects on employer costs and performance to help manage workforce-geographic effects on costs and performance like businesses already manage sales-to-buyer distribution, inventory-to-channel distribution and/or supply chain-to-plant distribution. We link health, well-being, cost and performance to housing-commute 
plus offer programs for firms and staff to manage change.

Stand for Children


Stand for Children Washington is a membership organization working to empower parents, elect courageous leaders, and advance public education. We are parents, grandparents, teachers, business leaders, volunteers and community members. We care about our kids and our neighborhood schools, and we know that the goal of advancing K-12 public education is bigger than any one child or one school - we are building a movement. We develop community leaders to share their voice with our civic leaders.

Tinkertopia, LLC


Founded by two Tacoma artists (one a preschool art teacher, the other a political cartoonist), Tinkertopia promotes an definitive sense of planetary resource conservation working with local industries to divert safe+clean remnants, seconds, scraps, off-cuts, discards, misprints and overstock from the waste stream, then redistributing these goods as low-cost arts & crafts supplies.

Morgan Cosmetics LLC


We sell All Organic and All Natural Cosmetic Products using our signature 100% USDA Certified Organic Argan Oil.

Rainbow Center


Through education, advocacy, and celebration, the Rainbow Center expands safe space and resources for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and straight allied community. Serving the city of Tacoma and Pierce County, we support the LGBTQ community with connections to local resources, supportive one-on-one strengths-based advocacy, a safe space to be whoever you are, and fantastic events like the Tacoma Pride Festival, Out in the Park, and the Black & White Gayla.

Premier Media Group, Inc


We are a looking media and publishing company that has established community brands through magazines and digital assets

Cavitt Associates LLC


We help businesses plan and create systems to get and keep the right clients.

WorkForce Central


We are federally funded agency that is lead by Pierce County and City of Tacoma elected officials. Our agency was established in 1982 to manage Workforce Investment dollars within Pierce County. Statewide there are 12 agencies that hold this responsibility. We are a unique public-private partnership that puts job seekers on the path to employment and assists businesses with developing a talent pool of highly skilled and educated workforce.

BBC Pop Up


The BBC's first mobile bureau is spending a month in each of six very different parts of the US. We want Americans to tell us what local stories we should share with a global audience. This month we are in Tacoma, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest of the country, a region know for logging, coffee and outdoors adventure. The self-described City of Destiny is an industrial port city which has often had to play second fiddle to Seattle, its bigger and wealthier neighbour to the north.

Poyeho Project


Poyeho is a non-profit organization focused on bringing hope and sustainability to southern Africa. We are involved in business training and development. We have been to Africa ten times since our inception and have trained over one thousand people in a variety of business skills. We are currently focusing on Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Sanity and Serenity by Sandra


Our mission is to help individuals reclaim their lives through organization. Services include:Home Offices - Kitchens - Closets - Basements / Attics - Garages - Kids’ Rooms - Bathrooms - Storage Rooms - Sewing Rooms / Craft Rooms - Laundry Rooms - Living Rooms / Family Rooms - Outdoor Living Spaces - Packing / Unpacking Residential Moves - Home Staging - Photo Organizing - Organizing prints and/or digital images - Creating traditional scrapbook photo albums - Scanning and enhancing photos -Downloading, storing and setting up protection of digital images - Creating Digital Photo Books

KrowdFunding Klub

In development

We're building a community resource to show how our city can become a national leader in crowdfunding activities. We'll match seasoned veterans with aspiring newbies. We'll develop a (free) checklist of best-practices. We'll meet every week, and track progress in terms of dollars coming into the city, and project backed locally, statewide, nationally and internationally.

Green Box Batteries


BETTERY is the worlds first battery sharing service! By taking advantage of the latest in reusable battery technology, BETTERY has developed a process and the machinery for consumers to have access to limitless sustainable portable power for one small monthly fee. Think BlueRhino propane mixed with RedBox, sprinkle in a little bit of NETFLIX and there you have it... BETTERY!

iVersatile LLC


iVersatile is a technical solutions company deploying a progressive mobile software/hardware technology platform to enable consumer targeted proximity/location based marketing (Applications, Digital Passes) for small to medium sized businesses. We work with many industry segments including Retail, Restaurants, Construction (Residential/Commercial) and Art Gallery's/Museums.



Community Social Network

Climate Solutions


To accelerate practical and profitable solutions to global warming by galvanizing leadership, growing investment, and bridging divides

Summer Jobs 253


A dynamic partnership between the REACH Center, Tacoma Community House, WorkForce Central, Tacoma Public Schools, and the City of Tacoma to provide summer employment opportunities to Tacoma's youth.

Knights of Pythias


The Order of Knights of Pythias is an international, non-sectarian fraternal order, established in 1864 in Washington, DC, by Justus H. Rathbone and was the first fraternal order to be chartered by an Act of Congress. Domains of the Order exist in most states and provinces, and subordinate lodges are located in many cities and towns across the United States and Canada.



Free app that gives you discounts at a variety of business.

Green Dot Public Schools


Green Dot Public Schools is a non-profit charter management organization, operating 21 middle and high schools in Los Angeles California, with plans to open schools next year in Washington State. Green Dot’s mission is to help transform public education so all students graduate prepared for college, leadership and life and to ensure that every student, regardless of race, income, neighborhood or special needs, receives a great education. We serve students who traditionally fall through the cracks in the traditional education system and use a combination of rigorous instruction, intervention supports, and deep relationships with adults to put these students on a path to college. In LA, where 93% of our students are on the Free or Reduced Lunch program and 98% are students of color, our students are four times more likely to graduate college-ready that students in neighboring schools and we have closed the achievement gap for high school graduation with middle class, non-minority peers.

eDiscoverySquad, LLC


eDiscoverySquad, LLC is focused on software and services for information governance. We deliver services and software deployments for an end-to-end system that spans archiving through eDiscovery production. Specialties: Cloud based IT Services, Archiving, Records Management, Google Apps, Google Vault

Pearly Whites Laser Dentistry


General Dentistry using State-of-the-Art Lasers to diagnose and treat gum disease and restore teeth using minimally invasive techniques. No rubber dam and no shots im most cases. Lasers in restoration of teeth kills the bacteria and unlike drills does not cause heat or friction on tooth structure and doesn't crack enamel. Lasers in treatment of gum disease kills the bacteria, removes infected tissues and biostimulates the growth of bone and supposrting soft tissues.

Provision House


Writer and self-publisher focusing initially on a series of business books for other authors. Publishing house (imprint): Provision House. Book series name: Enterprising Writer Books.

Puget Sound Legal, P.C.


We're a full service immigration law firm that uses technology and innovation to serve our clients efficiently and effectively. Law firms are notoriously solve to adapt and evolve. We aim to be the exception to that rule and to rapidly iterate improvements to how we work with clients.

Go Local Tacoma


Go Local connects local independent businesses to consumers, resources, educational opportunities and each other building a prosperous community. This holiday we are promoting our Shift Your Shopping campaign to shift our dollars to locally owned, independent businesses. Two programs that we are rolling out to fuel this movement are the Localist card and Shop253 online platform.



Shop253's mission is to showcase local businesses such as retailers, home-based businesses, service providers, freelancers, bands, artists, restaurants and non-profits to a local and global audience, and to inspire people in Tacoma/Pierce County to support their local businesses.



WACommerce is a business development and leads resource for federal, state, local and private contracts. In short we help company's locate contracts and assist them in the bidding process. Our focus is on keeping local dollars local.

FND Insurance


We work with you as a partner, providing a simple process to pave the way to the affordable insurance coverage you deserve. Our process begins with a careful listening and fact-gathering appointment to get a detailed understanding of your situation. next, we help you develop a plan and compare it to what you currently have. We are committed to helping you make the most of your insurance dollar. That's why we present plans that are designed not only to help you when you need care, but also to support you in improving your overall health and wellness. The result is confidence and peace of mind.

Revisioned - an urban boutique


We provide locally crafted and sustainably sourced artisan goods to a discerning community.

Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship


Help students become successful entrepreneurs



Return session follow-up

Nuart Media Group


We are a creative house which creates and distributes our own products. We also provide creative services to other businesses and individuals.

Have Not Films


Have Not Films, LLC, is a team of industry professionals composed of award-winning writers and filmmakers that have joined together with the intent of specializing in the development, packaging, and distribution of motion pictures for global theatrical, television, and digital-delivery (VOD) markets.

The Social Bar and Grill - Paesan Kitchen and Bar


The Social- New American restaurant on Thea Foss Waterway Paesan- Italian brick fired pizza on Thea Foss Waterway

Saucy is a motivational brand , promoting entrepreneurship. Selling the concepts behind products. One step at a time



ChooseVets is a peer-to-peer web-based market through which customers can directly hire local military veterans to perform common or specialized tasks, jobs or errands that they need done. ChooseVets provides an internet crowdsourcing tool through which potential customers (who need personal services labor) can find and hire military veterans who are willing to work for them to accomplish specific, discrete tasks or jobs.

Stabilitas Ventures


We're Waze meets Control Risks for business travelers: We deliver situational awareness and risk mitigation via software as a service. Our target customers are firm Security Managers that are responsible for providing Duty of Care to traveling employees. With an integrated app and cloud solution, we provide near real-time location on employees and utilize geo-fences and push notifications to help travelers stay proactively safer. We have an Alpha-level MVP & begin a seed raise in September '14.

Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce - YEA! Program


As a regional leader among Puget Sound business organizations, the Chamber facilitates business and government cooperation for economic and quality of life issues. Everything we do - from working collaboratively with public or private organizations to identifying and expressing the priorities at companies in the Puget Sound area - ties back to our overall mission. The Chamber encourages innovation, entrepreneurial approaches, consensus and collaboration, defining outcomes and holding itself accountable for its achievement.



Blending art & science to create alcohol with the purpose of joy, sustainability, and prosperity.

Taiso Fitness and Nutrition


We harness the power of your nervous system to fundamentally change the way you move to see instant, breathtaking results.

Poyeho Project


We are a non-profit registered in Washington that is involved in business development & training in southern Africa. We are preparing to make our 11th trip this October. We are currently involved in projects in Zimbabwe, Malawi, and South Africa.

Community Sourced Capital


Co¬mmunity Sourced Capital (CSC) helps small businesses and local economies thrive by building innovative financial systems for communities. Right now, CSC primarily provides loans to small businesses using funds sourced directly from people in their community.

Embellish Multispace Salon


Community based hair salon that offers unique and individual service. We have also been a platform for budding artists to show their work. We donate time and services to many people and organizations.

Another Jossy Productions


We do projects that simultaneously support the arts, small business, non-profits and community building. Some of the projects we have done include: Tacoma Art Bus, Art on the Ave Festival, First Night Festival, Maritime Festival, Tacoma Underground Tour, Tacomapoly, Cirque du Tacoma, Spectacular Tacoma, Small Business Shopping Tour, Community Garden Tour, Artists in Studio Tour, TacomaCentric at Freedom Fair, Speakeasy Arts Cooperative, Happy Friday Club and more.

Networks for Change


Networks for Change is a membership based, international intermediary network of change agents dedicated the transformation of the planet. Through mobilizing the social capital of our members, we unlock resources, assets, strengths, dreams, and opportunities that lead to holistic, resilient, and inclusive community and economic development.



SiteCrafting excels at developing unique web-based solutions that make businesses more successful.

Tacoma Strength


We are a gym which teaches people how to move, eat, and take care of themselves. We guide our members through a carefully designed training regimen meant to develop all around fitness and ability.

Tacoma Runners


The Tacoma Runners is a social running group in Tacoma, Washington. Our first run was in January 2010. Since then, the group has grown tremendously and has become a beautiful and active community. We host two weekly runs. Thursday night is the original Tacoma Runners beer run. Saturday morning is the free timed 5k. Interested in learning more? Join us!

FabLab LLC


High tech maker space an business incubator on steroids.

Side x Side Creative


Side x Side Creative is a boutique marketing company specializing in getting businesses and nonprofits the attention they deserve. We work with publication design, social media, content marketing, and other multi-media to get our clients noticed.



Lessontrek is a SaaS that helps home educators and teachers easily manage and track lesson plans.

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